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Cali Builders & Construction Inc. Have established herself as a “One Stop Shop” company and architectural plans are imperative not only for new construction projects, they are also essential for every project that involves structural changes, whether you’re doing a: New construction project, addition, accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or just planning on removing or adding interior or exterior walls, architectural plans will be your first step in getting your project running! Our skillful and very well experienced architects / engineers are very familiarized  with the State of California and the County & City of Los Angeles building and safety code, and one of our biggest specialty is to find that very elusive and delicate balance between fulfilling our customers needs and desires, without compromising any building codes while making it look easy, this is where all those years of experience are coming in handy and channeled into bringing our customers their vision into realty while meeting the local code, that’s what we all about!

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