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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen is one of the most important room in the house and as our friends in real estate love to say “Kitchens sell homes!”. That’s why kitchen remodeling has great importance...



Re-Roof projects, are projects that usually are born out of necessity, whether you have a roof leak or maybe your roof is starting to show signs of weakness, then it’s probably the time...

Solar Panels Installation

Solar Installation

The sun radiates more energy in one second than people have used since the beginning of time! And more impressively she’s doing that while she’s 93 million miles away from...

Cali Builders & Construction provides Professional Building Services including New Homes Builders, Building Contractors, Home Remodeling, Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling, In-Ground Swimming Pool, Roofing, Architectural Plans and Fully Insured Building Services. Contact Cali Builders Building Services CA now and let’s get started with your project!

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Cali Builders & Construction Inc. Is a family-owned company, located in Los Angeles, California. That specializes in general remodeling and new construction. We truly believe that best projects are done when everyone's voice is heard. We also believe that in order for a project to be successful, a lot of teamwork, coordination, and healthy communication is required by all parties involved. This starts on our end, with our designers, project managers, foremen, architect, vendors, and this trickles down to our loyal customers. We know from experience that when all parties are well-informed, everything else simply falls into place! We achieve our goals by being involved in every aspect of the project, from the planning/designing stage to choosing the materials, until the very last bit of paint dries on the wall, to assure that the final product reaches the highest of standards. We focus on quality rather than quantity, and we pay extra attention to detail. Most importantly, we prioritize our customers at all times. These are our ingredients for success!


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I am happy to recommend Cali Builders, I have hired them to replace my roof shingles and I must say they did a terrific job. The crew was very welcoming and I am very pleased with the quality of their workmanship.

Sara D.

I love this company! I truly enjoyed working with Simon!
I contracted Cali Builders to do my bathroom and kitchen renovation, and I was most impressed with the way they handled my project, right from the stat I had a great feeling about this company and my intuition was right as always! The project was running smoothly, with almost zero problems, Arturo my project manager was very helpful and professional and I took a great pleasure working with this great team of Cali Builders, I highly recommend this company!

Eddie S.

What a great company! They just finished my general remodeling project!
Simon their owner was something else, Communication was great, the price was competitive and the workmanship was like no other!
I’m super pleased that I went with Cali Builders,
Thank you guys!

Bar A.

I hired this company not that long ago to redo my kitchen, I had extensive water damage from underneath the kitchen sink so I decided to use the insurance money to treat myself with a brand new kitchen.
My new kitchen is build all white with white kitchen cabinets and Carrera countertop and it looks so clean and elegant!
I’m very happy with the final results and I would like to the thank the fine team of Cali Builders on a job well done!
Thank you guys.

Sergei Z.
Sergei Z. Burbank, CA
Remodeling & Construction Company in Los Angeles
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