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General remodelers are probably one of the best ways to describe Cali Builders & Construction Inc. From exterior to interior remodeling, all the way to structural changes. We do it all! We strive to provide our customers with the best carefully thought out designs, top shelf material, and up to date, cutting edge remarkable finishes. We take pride by being a one stop shop company that supply our customers with everything they need to help them make their dreams and visions brought into reality. We escort our customers right from the get-go and there for them through every step of the way. From the pre-construction stage we’re brainstorming together with our customers to find the most efficient and best use out of the existing space, continuing to the designing and planning stage, moving on to the material picking and getting all the necessary permits. Throughout the project and way after final completion is signed, our trusted and well experienced project managers are always there with you! You are never alone!

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The difference between Renovation and Remodeling is that renovation is the process of restoring a space to its original condition while remodeling is the process of changing the layout or structure of a space.

A remodel is a large house improvement that changes the layout, structure, or purpose of a room or area. It could include demolishing walls, constructing new rooms, or changing the plumbing and electrical systems. Remodeling is a larger project than renovation, which usually involves changing the appearance of a place without making major structural changes.


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