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The sun radiates more energy in one second than people have used since the beginning of time! And more impressively she’s doing that while she’s 93 million miles away from the earth. It has been estimated that every day enough energy strikes the entire U.S. to supply our nation energy needs for at least 18 Months! Ever since we’ve learned how to harness this amazing energy into power, our lives will never be the same.

So, why go solar? There are a lot of great benefits in solar systems!

Here’s some of them, we’ll let you take your pick:

1. Solar is a great way to earn tax credits and rebates.

2. Solar is a wonderful way to support the environment.

3. Solar system will Increase your home value significantly.

4. Solar is a guarantee way to reduce or eliminate energy bills.

5. Solar is a secure Investment plus, performance is guaranteed.

6. Solar will help you saving thousands of dollars and the savings starts from day one.

Really no-brainer!

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, solar panels are worth it for several reasons. Firstly, solar panels help you save money on your electricity bills by generating your own clean and renewable energy. Over time, the savings on energy costs can offset the initial investment of installing solar panels. Additionally, solar panels contribute to a greener environment by reducing carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

Solar panels work by converting sunlight into electricity. When photons from the sun hit a solar panel, they knock electrons loose from atoms in the panel’s semiconductor material. This creates an electric current, which can be used to power lights, appliances, and other electricity-based items in the house.

The number of solar panels you need depends on your annual electricity usage, the efficiency of your solar panels, and the amount of sunlight your roof receives. In general, an average home in the United States needs between 15 and 20 solar panels to cover 100% of its electricity usage. However, your specific needs might be different.

The first solar cell was invented in 1883 by Charles Fritts. However, it was not until 1954 that Bell Labs developed the first practical silicon solar cell.

No, you cannot. Metal roofs are not designed to be penetrated, and any holes made in the roof to install solar panels would compromise the roof’s weather tightness. There are special mounting systems available for metal roofs that do not require any holes to be made, but these systems can be more expensive than traditional mounting systems.


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